Striim 4.1.0 documentation

App template prerequisite checklist

You will need the assistance of a database administrator for some of these tasks.

  1. Configure the source database as detailed in the relevant topic in Sources. You will need to provide the user name and password created during database configuration when configuring the source.

  2. Configure the target as detailed in the relevant topic in Targets.

  3. If required by the source or target, install their JDBC driver(s) in Striim as detailed in Installing third-party drivers.

  4. If the source cannot be read directly by Striim (for example, if Striim is running in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, and the source is on your premises):

    1. Install the Forwarding Agent and appropriate JDBC driver on the source host as detailed in Striim Forwarding Agent installation and configuration and Installing third-party drivers.

    2. Before launching a template, make sure Striim and the Forwarding Agent are both running.

  5. If not using an initial load template with Auto Schema Conversion, create tables in the target that match the tables in the source. You may use Striim's schema conversion utility (see Using the schema conversion utility) or any other tool you wish.Using the schema conversion utility