Striim 4.0.4 documentation


PREVIEW <namespace>.<CQ name> { INPUT | OUTPUT | INPUTOUTPUT } [LIMIT <maximum number of events>]

Returns current input and/or output events for the specified CQ. If you do not specify value for LIMIT, the command will return a maximum of 1000 input events and/or 1000 output events.


The CQ must be running before you execute the PREVIEW command.

Each event in the command's output includes:

  • Source: name of the component that emitted the event (either one of the components in the FROM clause of the CQ or the CQ itself)

  • IO: I for input or O for output

  • Action: added or removed

  • Server: name of the server executing the specified CQ

  • Data: the event payload

For example, the command PREVIEW Samples.PosData5Minutes inputoutput limit 1; will return something similar to:

Processing - preview samples.CsvToPosData inputoutput limit 1
Data:"[[COMPANY 366761, 9XGDirhiN2UPnJ9w5GqmISM2QXe1Coav3Fq, 0558659360821268472, 6, 
20130312174714, 0615, USD, 8.42, 8641415475152637, 61064, Polo], 
{FileOffset=0, RecordEnd=49798966, RecordOffset=49798836, FileName=posdata.csv, 
Data:"[9XGDirhiN2UPnJ9w5GqmISM2QXe1Coav3Fq, 2013-03-12T17:47:14.000-07:00, 17, 8.42, 61064];"