Striim 4.0.4 documentation


A value is a relatively open-ended visualization type that can be used to add almost any valid HTML to a dashboard.

A value visualization does not require a query. Define a query only if you want to use data from the application in conditional expressions or include data in the value (as in the examples below).

When you add a new value visualization, click Add a conditional template.

Expression: If you have only one conditional template, set to true (this setting is case-sensitive, True will not work).

If you have multiple conditional templates, use this field to determine which condition is used based on field values. For example:


Text: select desired text color

Background: select desired background color (red slash on black is transparent)

Heading Type: select one of the predefined text label types shown below, or leave blank to format using CSS in the Template field:


Template: Enter an HTML string to define what the value will display. To include a value from a query alias in the string, put its alias in double brackets. For example, from MultiLogApp:


The template for that label is:

<div style="padding: 5px; font-weight: 100">Unusual Activity&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {{ cnt }} WActions</div>

The query is SELECT COUNT(*) AS cnt FROM UnusualActivity; which returns a single value representing the total number of WActions in the UnusualActivity WActionStore as the alias cnt.