Striim 4.0.4 documentation

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Making visualizations interactive

Drill-downs can be used within a single page to filter data interactively. For example, the PosApp visualization below can be filtered by clicking on the pie-chart labels:


If you click the WARM label of the right-hand pie chart, the map and heat map display only data for merchants currently in that category:


This interactivity is defined by setting the drill-down configuration in the pie charts, then using their Id values as in the queries for the two other visualizations. The drill-down configurations are:


drill-down configuration

Status (left) pie chart

Page: Interactive HeatMap Id: status Source field: Status

Category (right) pie chart

Page: Interactive HeatMap Id: category Source field: Category

Since these visualizations are on the Interactive HeatMap page, the drill-down filters the data without switching to another page.

The US map's query is:

select * from Samples.MerchantActivity [15 minute and push] where (:status 
IS NULL or (Status = :status)) and (:category IS NULL or (Category = :category)) 
group by merchantId;

When the page is first loaded, the :status and :category values are null, so the map displays all data. When you click the WARM label, the :category value is set to WARM, and the map updates accordingly.

To clear the filter and return to viewing all data, click Clear All (next to the funnel icon at left).

To explore this more, run PosApp and go to the Interactive HeatMap page.