Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Striim Forwarding Agent system requirements
  • memory: 256MB to 1GB depending on adapter used

  • free disk space: 500MB (free disk space must never drop below 10%)

  • supported operating systems: any 64-bit version of Linux, Mac OS X, or Microsoft Windows

  • supported Java environments:

    • recommended: 64-bit Oracle Java SE 8 JRE (JDK required to use HTTPReader or SNMPParser)

    • also supported: 64-bit OpenJDK 8 JRE

  • firewall: the following ports must be open:

    • port 5701 inbound for TCP (Hazelcast): if 5701 is in use, Hazelcast will use 5702; if both 5701 and 5702 are busy, it will use 5703; and so on

    • port 9081 outbound for TCP (HTTPS) for authentication with the Striim cluster

    • ports 49152-65535 outbound for TCP, or whatever range has been set for the server (see Narrowing the ZeroMQ port range)

  • Any driver required by a source that will run on the Agent must be installed in Agent/lib. See Installing third-party drivers.

The Forwarding Agent gets its license from the Striim cluster. It does not need to be specified on the remote host where the agent is installed.