Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Schema evolution known issues

The following are known issues in this release related to schema evolution. Additional known issues are flagged by "DEV-#####"in Handling schema evolution.

All sources

Columns with a data type that has a scale set to a negative value (for example, number(1, -17) ) are not supported.

Azure Synapse Writer

Adding a NOT NULL constraint on a column that already has a UNIQUE constraint is not supported. (DEV-26158)

BigQuery Writer

When Streaming Upload is True and Mode is APPENDONLY, it may take BigQuery up to 90 minutes to apply the DDL update and be ready to accept more data. Do not insert, update, or delete records in the source before BigQuery is ready or the Striim application will halt. (DEV-27001)

  • If a table is dropped and a table of the same name is created, the application may crash. (DEV-26417)

  • The application will crash if the database contains tables with names that vary only by case, for example, id and ID, even if those tables are not among those read by MSJet. (DEV-26872)

MySQL Reader
  • Adding a column of data type char results in a parser exception and crash. (DEV-24625, DEV-26677)

  • Adding a UNQUE constraint syntax with a system generated constraint name (for example, ADD CONSTRAINT cs_01ec19f5f75caa91a1160eca1 UNIQUE (created_att) is not supported. (DEV-26678)

Oracle Reader

Columns of type INTERVAL DAY(x) TO SECOND(y) are not supported. (DEV-24624)

PostgreSQL Reader
  • To capture DDL changes when the command has more than 1024 characters (for example, a CREATE TABLE statement with many columns), you must raise PostgreSQL's track_activity_query_size parameter from its default value of 1024. (DEV-24650)

  • Creating a table with a column of type serial or adding a column of type serial is not supported. (DEV-26467)