Striim 4.0.4 documentation

BigQuery setup

Before you can use BigQuery Writer, you must create a service account (see Service Accounts). 

The service account must have the BigQuery Data Editor, BigQuery Job User, and BigQuery Resource Admin roles for the target tables (see BigQuery predefined Cloud IAM roles). Alternatively, you may create a custom role with the following permissions for the target tables (see BigQuery custom roles):

  • bigquery.datasets.get





  • bigquery.tables.create

  • bigquery.tables.delete

  • bigquery.tables.get

  • bigquery.tables.getData

  • bigquery.tables.list

  • bigquery.tables.update

  • bigquery.tables.updateData

  • bigquery.tables.updateTag

After you have created the service account, download its key file (see Authenticating with a service account key file) and copy it to the same location on each Striim server that will run this adapter, or to a network location accessible by all servers. You will specify the path and file name in BigQuery Writer's Service Account Key property.