Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Creating a dashboard

In Viewing dashboards you saw the dashboard of the PosApp sample application. Now you will create one from scratch.

The following instructions assume you completed the steps in Modifying an application using the Flow Designer and Browsing data with ad-hoc queries and that the application is still running.

  1. From the main menu, select Dashboards > View All Dashboards.

  2. Click Add Dashboard, for Dashboard Name enter PosSourceDash, for Namespace select PosSourceNS as the namespace, and click Create Dashboard. A blank dashboard will appear.

  3. To add a visualization to the dashboard, drag a Vector Map from the visualization palette and drop it on the grid.

  4. The first step in configuring a dashboard is to specify its query: click Edit Query.

  5. In the Query Name field, enter PosSourceNS.PosSourceDataSelectAll, edit the query to read select * from PosSourceData; and click Save Query.

  6. Click Configure (the pencil icon).

  7. Set the map properties as shown above, then click Save Visualization.

  8. Since the data is all in the continental United States, you might want to edit the settings to center it there. You could also change the Bubble Size settings so that the dots on the map vary depending on the amount.

  9. Click Configure again, change the settings as shown above, click Save Visualization, then refresh your browser to apply the new zoom settings.


Experiment with the settings or try more visualizations if you like. For more information on this subject, see Dashboard Guide.

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