Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Running the Forwarding Agent as a process
  1. Using a supported web browser, log into Striim at <DNS name>:9080 with username admin and the admin password you specified when creating the Striim server.

  2. Select Help > Download Agent and save  to an appropriate location.  If you can not download it directly to the  host, download it to your local system and use scp to copy it to the host.

  3. Unzip the file. If you used scp to copy the file to the host, use ssh to log into the host and unzip it.

  4. Follow the instructions in Configuring the Forwarding Agent.

To start the agent, make sure the Striim cluster the Agent will connect to is running, open a shell terminal, command prompt, or ssh session, change to the Agent directory, and enter bin/ or, in Windows, bin\agent.bat.

Once you have successfully started the agent and connected to Striim, you may delete the .zip file.

To stop the agent, switch to the command prompt in which it is running and press Ctrl-C.