Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Running Striim in Amazon EC2

The fastest and easiest way to run Striim in Amazon EC2 is to get it from the AWS Marketplace (see Deploying Striim from the AWS Marketplace). If you prefer to run Striim in your own EC2 VM, contact Striim support for assistance.

Striim currently offers the following AWS EC2 solutions:

  • Striim - BYOL Platform: the full Striim platform using a free trial license or a license purchased from Striim (BYOL = "bring your own license")

  • Striim for Amazon Web Services - Metered Platform: the full Striim platform with an initial free trial

  • Striim for Amazon Redshift: licensed for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server sources and RedshiftWriter and FileWriter targets. (FileWriter can be useful for debugging and testing.)

With the BYOL solution, you will be billed monthly by Amazon for virtual machine usage and purchase your license directly from Striim. After the trial period, you must Contact Striim support to purchase a license.

With the other solutions, you will be billed by Amazon monthly according to usage. See the individual solutions for pricing details.