Striim 4.0.4 documentation

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Sending alerts about servers and applications

See also Sending alerts from applications.

Administrators (members of the Global.admin group) can access the Alert Manager page, which allows you to create alerts about various events and conditions.

Before you can create alerts, you must configure Striim to use an SMTP server to send alert emails.


Note that in the Validate Connection field you must provide a valid email address.


After the connection is validated, click Save.

By default, there are four alerts:

  • the Striim server's Java VM has less than 1 GB memory left (as per the Java runtime's freeMemory() function)

  • the server's CPU rate is greater than 90%

  • any application crashes

  • any application halts

To get these alerts by email instead of in the Striim UI, set Alert Type to Email, enter the email address(es) to receive the alerts, and click Save.


The maximum CPU Rate is 100% times the number of cores, so for example with four cores the maximum would be 400%. The Alert Value defaults to 90% of the maximum, so with four cores the default would be 360.


In some cases, alerts may send many email messages in rapid succession. To reduce the number of messages, set a Snooze After Alert interval. For example, with a setting of 10 minutes, you will receive no more than one message every ten minutes.

To create a new alert, click , select a server, agent, application, or component from Create Alert On, enter the Alert Name, select the Alert Condition, set the options (if any) for the alert condition, enter the email address(es) to receive the alerts, set Enable Alert on, and click Save.