Striim 4.0.4 documentation

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Retrieving a WActionStore definition using the REST API

To retrieve the data definition for a WActionStore (for example, so that the custom application can use it to populate a field selector), the URI syntax is:

http://<IPAddress>:<port>/wactions/def?name=<namespace>.<WActionStore name>&token=<token>

See Getting a REST API authentication token.

For example, using curl (which requires the & between the WActionStore name and token to be escaped), if PosApp is running on localhost with the default port, and the token is 01e86e5f-ef7f-aab1-919f-000ec6fd8764, curl -X GET http://localhost:9080/wactions/def?"name=Samples.MerchantActivity&token=01e86e5f-ef7f-aab1-919f-000ec6fd8764"; will return:

TYPE Samples.MerchantActivityContext CREATED 2018-06-12 09:46:21
  MerchantId java.lang.String KEY 
  StartTime org.joda.time.DateTime
  CompanyName java.lang.String
  Category java.lang.String
  Status java.lang.String
  Count java.lang.Integer
  HourlyAve java.lang.Integer
  UpperLimit java.lang.Double
  LowerLimit java.lang.Double
  Zip java.lang.String
  City java.lang.String
  State java.lang.String
  LatVal java.lang.Double
  LongVal java.lang.Double

TYPE Samples.MerchantTxRate CREATED 2018-06-12 09:46:21
  merchantId java.lang.String KEY 
  zip java.lang.String
  startTime org.joda.time.DateTime
  count java.lang.Integer
  totalAmount java.lang.Double
  hourlyAve java.lang.Integer
  upperLimit java.lang.Double
  lowerLimit java.lang.Double
  category java.lang.String
  status java.lang.String