Striim 4.0.4 documentation

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Initial load versus continuous replication

Typically, setting up a data pipeline occurs in two phases.

The first step is the initial load, copying all existing data from the source to the target. You may write a Striim application or use a third-party tool for this step. If the source and target are homogenous (for example, MySQL to MariaDB, Oracle to Oracle Exadata, or SQL Server to Azure SQL Server managed instance), it its be fastest and easiest to use the native copy or backup-restore tools.

Depending on the amount and complexity of data in the source tables, this may take minutes, hours, days, or weeks. You may monitor progress by Creating a data validation dashboard.

Once the initial load is complete, you will start the Striim pipeline application to pick up where the initial load left off. See Switching from initial load to continuous replication for technical details.