Striim 4.0.4 documentation


SHOW <namespace>.<stream name>;

Returns the output of a stream. Press Ctrl-D to end.

SHOW <source or target name> LINEAGE
 [LIMIT <count>] 
  [-start  'yyyy-mm-dd']
  [-end  'yyyy-mm-dd']

For file-based readers and writers, returns a list of files read or created. For example:


By default, the most recent ten files are listed. You can change that number by adding the LIMIT option to the command: for example, LIMIT 25. To see the oldest files instead of the newest, add the DESC option. Use the -status-start, and/or -end options to show only a specified subset of the files.

For OracleReader see File lineage in Oracle.

By default, file lineage is disabled. See Enabling file lineage.

With OracleReader, SHOW can also be used for Viewing open transactions.

SHOW <namespace>.<application name> CHECKPOINT HISTORY

See Recovering applications.Recovering applications