Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Restoring a cluster

The following gives a general idea of how to restore a a cluster. The process may vary depending on your configuration (for example, if you use an external Derby instance) or the problem that led to the need to restore. Contact Striim support if you need assistance.

  1. Install Striim as described in Running Striim in CentOS or Running Striim in Ubuntu, but do not reboot.

  2. Copy any backed-up .jar files to striim/lib.

  3. If necessary, restore the third-party database used to persist WActionStores. (If those tables are intact and recovery is possible, the WActionStores that use them will pick up where they left off.)

  4. Reboot the server.

  5. If the metadata repository is hosted on Oracle or PostgreSQL, restore it using the appropriate tool.

    If the metadata repository is hosted on Derby, copy the backup directory to striim/derby/DerbyBackups, then execute this command to restore the backup: ./ restore <backup directory name>

  6. When the script completes, shut down the server.

  7. Restore any persisted WActionStore tables using the usual tools of the DBMS.

  8. Restart the server.