Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Spanner Batch Reader

SpannerBatchReader is identical to Incremental Batch Reader, minus the Username and Password properties, plus the Augment Query Clause property.Incremental Batch Reader

Specify the connection URL as jdbc:cloudspanner:/projects/<project ID>/instances/<instance ID>/databases/<database name>?credentials=<service account key>. See Spanner Writer for a detailed description of the service account key.Spanner Writer

Optionally, use the Augment Query Clause property to specify FORCE_INDEX directives (see Table hints) using the syntax:

{"<table name>": {"tablehints": {"FORCE_INDEX": "<index name>"}}

You may specify multiple indexes (no more than one per table) separated by commas, for example:

{"order": {"tablehints": {"FORCE_INDEX": "order_amount_index"}},
{"customer": {"tablehints": {"FORCE_INDEX": "customer_ID_index"}}