Striim 4.0.4 documentation

Evaluating on Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows 10

Before following these instructions, see Configuring your system to evaluate Striim and Running the CDC demo apps.

If you run into any problems with the installer or web configuration tool, you may use the Alternative installation method.

  1. Download Striim_<version>.jar.

  2. Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer. If nothing happens, open a shell window, switch to the directory where you downloaded the file, and enter the following command: java -jar Striim_<version>.jar

  3. When the installer appears, click Next.

  4. Optionally, change the installation path. In Windows, if the specified directory does not exist, create it. Then click Next > OK > Next.


    Known issue (DEV-22317): do not put the striim directory under a directory with a space in its name, such as C:\Program Files.

  5. The web configuration tool will open in your default browser. Return to the installer and click Next > Done.

  6. Return to the web client, read the license agreement, then click Accept and Continue.

    If anything goes wrong in the following steps, Striim/logs/WebConfig.log may indicate the problem. If you contact Striim support, give them a copy of this file.

  7. If you see "Congratulations," click Continue. If you see messages that your computer can not run Striim, resolve the problems indicated, for example by installing the required version of Java or switching to Chrome. To restart the web configuration tool, run .../Striim/bin/

  8. Enter the following in the appropriate fields:

    1. your company name

    2. the name for the Striim cluster (this value defaults to the current user name, but you may change it)

    3. the password for the admin user

    4. the password for the sys user

    5. the Striim keystore password

  9. If the system has more than one network interface and the installer has chosen the wrong one, choose the correct one.

  10. Click Save & Continue.

  11. If you have a license key, enter it. If not, leave the field blank to get a trial license. Click Continue.

  12. When you see the Launch button, click it. A video will play while Striim is launching, which may take a few minutes.

  13. When you see the Log In prompt, enter admin in the Username field, enter the password you set for the admin user in the Password field, and click Log In.

Continue with Viewing dashboards.


To stop, restart, or reconfigure Striim, run .../Striim/bin/