Striim 4.0.4 documentation

TQL commands for roles

GRANT <namespace>.<role name> TO USER <user name>;

Grants a user a role.

GRANT Samples.appdev TO USER <user name>;

Gives a user the ability to view, edit, deploy, and run the sample applications.

CREATE ROLE <namespace>.<role name>;

Creates a role in the specified namespace. See Using namespaces for discussion of sharing roles among applications.

GRANT <action(s)> ON [<component type(s)>] <namespace>[.<application_name>] TO ROLE <namespace>.<role_name>;

Grants a role permission to perform one or more actions in the specified namespace or application. Optionally, you may specify one or more component types (see Permissions).

GRANT <namespace>.<role name> TO ROLE <namespace>.<role name>;

Grants one role to another. Effectively, this grants all the first role's permissions to the second role.

REVOKE <action(s)> ON [<component type(s)>] <namespace>[.<application_name>] FROM ROLE <namespace>.<role_name>;

Revokes a previously granted permission from a role.

REVOKE '<namespace>.<role name>' FROM ROLE <namespace>.<role name>;

Revokes a previously granted role from another role.

REVOKE <namespace>.<role name> FROM USER <user name>;

Revokes a previously granted role from a user.