Striim 3.9.6 documentation

Table of Contents

What's new in Striim 3.9.6

The following features are new in 3.9.6.

Application development

  • Striim supports AES-256 encryption (see CREATE APPLICATION ... END APPLICATION).

  • Kafka 2.1 is supported for streams persisted to an external Kafka instance.

  • OracleReader supports Oracle 12.2 and DATE and TIMESTAMP values before 1970.

Sources and targets

  • AzureEventHubWriter supports proxy servers.

  • The Cassandra JDBC wrapper used by DatabaseWriter is bundled with Striim.

  • DatabaseWriter supports parallel threads for better performance, can escape CDC source column names that are reserved keywords in Striim, and can exclude certain system columns that should not be replicated from MSSQLReader sources.

  • When FileReader is used with DSVParser, the type for the output stream may be created automatically from the file header (see Creating the FileReader output stream type automatically).

  • JMSReader can group messages as transactions at the broker level to ensure that all messages are written before being removed from the queue.

  • S3Writer supports server-side AES-256 encryption.

Change data capture

  • OracleReader supports Oracle 12.2 and DATE values before 1970.

  • GoldenGateTrailParser supports GoldenGate 18.1.

Administration and monitoring

Recovery of applications that share components is supported by persisting the connecting stream to Kafka (see Recovering applications and Using the Striim Forwarding Agent).

Installation and configuration

  • The internal Derby instance is version

  • The internal Elasticsearch cluster is version 5.6.4.

  • The internal Kafka cluster is version

  • The bundled MapR client is version 5.1.

  • The bundled PostgreSQL JDBC driver is 42.2.2.