Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Vector map


A vector map plots points on a simple world map using the latitude and longitude values in the data. See PosApp for an example of using Zip codes to look up latitude and longitude in a cache.

Longitude and Latitude: the fields containing the values to use to plot the map points

Value: the field containing the value that will control the map point colors

View Zoom: leave blank or set to 1 to show the whole map, or enter a digital fraction (such as .5) to zoom in

X Offset and Y Offset: When View Zoom is less than 1, these settings control where the map is centered. The range for X Offset is 0 (maximum west) to 10000 (maximum east). The range for Y Offset is -10000 (maximum north) to 10000 (maximum south). With X Offset set to 1400 and Y Offset set to -7700, the map will be centered on the United States. With X Offset 5300 and Y Offset -7750, it will be centered on Turkey.

See Properties common to multiple visualization types for information on the other settings.