Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Disabling TMF Audit Compression

The Striim CDC Process for HP NonStop reads and forwards change data from the NonStop TMF audit trail to the Striim server. TMF has the ability to compress audit data records, which means only columns that have changed are audited, or in the case of Enscribe, only the bytes that have changed are audited. To ensure all the field and column data is available to the flows in Striim applications, we recommend that you disable such compression by creating the relevant files and tables with the NO AUDITCOMPRESS attribute.

If TMF audit compression is enabled for a SQL table, change records for UPDATE operations on the table might not contain the values of at least some of the columns that were not changed by the update.  If TMF audit compression is enabled for an Enscribe file, no change records will be created for UPDATE operations on those files.