Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Line, scatter, bubble, and area charts


Set the Y (vertical) axis to the values that will control the vertical position of the dots and the X (horizontal) axis to the field that will control the horizontal position.

In line charts, Upper Bound and Lower Bound let you specify the range the chart. Set Lower Bound to 0 for a zero baseline.

A bubble chart is identical to a scatter chart except there is a third axis, Z, that controls the size of the bubbles, so the chart can visualize data from three fields.

See Properties common to multiple visualization types for information on the other settings.

By default, area charts are like line charts, but the area below the line is filled in.


If you change the Stacking option to Stacked, the areas are stacked like this:


If you change the Stacking option to Percent Stacked, the areas are shown as portions of 100%: