Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Configuring PostgreSQL to host the metadata repository
  1. Copy the SQL script /opt/striim/conf/DefineMetadataReposPostgres.sql to the PostgreSQL host.

  2. Using psql, connect to PostgreSQL as an administrator and create the user Striim will use to create, write to, and read from the repository tables (replace ****** with a strong password):

    sudo -u postgres psql
    create user striim with password '******';
    create database striimrepo;
    grant all on database striimrepo to striim;
  3. Connect again as the user you just created, create a schema, set the search path, and run the DefineMetadataReposPostgres.sql script:

    psql -U striim -d striimrepo;
    create schema striim;
    alter role striim set search_path to striim;
    psql -U striim -d striimrepo -f DefineMetadataReposPostgres.sql