Striim 3.10.3 documentation


A Striim application consists of a set of components and the connections between them. Some components may be connected directly, others must use an intermediate stream, as follows:

  • source (OUTPUT TO) > stream > CQ (SELECT FROM)

  • source (OUTPUT TO) > stream > window (OVER)

  • source (OUTPUT TO) > stream > target (INPUT FROM)

  • cache > CQ (SELECT FROM)

  • WActionStore > CQ (SELECT FROM)

  • window > CQ (SELECT FROM)

  • window > CQ (SELECT FROM window, INSERT INTO stream) > stream > window (OVER)

  • CQ (INSERT INTO) > WActionStore

  • CQ (INSERT INTO) > stream > target (INPUT FROM)


The output from a cache or window must be processed by a CQ's SELECT statement before it can be passed to a target. In other words, cache > stream > target and window > stream > target are invalid sequences.