Striim 3.10.3 documentation



A gauge is similar to a bar chart with a single bar. It visualizes a single numeric value on a 180-degree gauge. The query for a gauge will typically use an aggregate function such as MIN, MAX, or LAST to select a single value from the input field. See the See the PosApp "Company details" page for an example.

Units is a text label for the gauge. Set the Minimum to zero or whatever other number is appropriate and Maximum at least as high as the maximum expected value. These values appear as labels below the left and right ends of the gauge.

By default, the color changes gradually from green near the minimum to yellow in the middle and red at the maximum. You can set colors manually by defining Thresholds, but they will still change gradually. For example, the gauge above has a threshold of 60 for green and 100 for red, so with a value of 71 the gauge is yellowish-brown.

Minimum, Threshold, and Maximum values may be defined using field names, optionally including formulas such as HistoricalAverage * 0.25 or HistoricalAverage * 2.