Striim 3.10.3 documentation

MongoDBReader JSONNodeEvent fields

The output type for MongoDBReader is JSONNodeEvent. The fields are:

data: contains the field names and values of a document, for example:

data: {"_id":2441,"company":"Striim","city":"Palo Alto"}

Updates include only the modified values. Deletes include only the document ID.

metadata: contains the following elements:

  • CollectionName: the collection from which the document was read

  • OperationName: in InitialLoad mode, SELECT; in Incremental mode, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE

  • DatabaseName: the database of the collection

  • DocumentKey: the document ID (same as the _id value in data)

  • Namespace<database name>.<collection name>

  • Timestamp: in InitialLoad mode, the current time of the Striim server when the document was read; in Incremental mode, the timestamp from the oplog

For example:

metadata: {"CollectionName":"employee","OperationName":"SELECT","DatabaseName":"test",