Striim 3.10.3 documentation

ALTER DG (deployment group)

ALTER DG <name>
  [ { ADD | REMOVE } ("<node name>",...) ]
  [ MINIMUM SERVERS <number of servers> ]
  [ LIMIT APPLICATIONS <maximum number of applications> ];

Use ALTER DG to change the members or properties of an existing deployment group. For example, to add a third server to the group created by the example discussed in CREATE DG (deployment group):

ALTER DG SourceData ADD ("S192_168_1_14");

To make these changes take effect, redeploy the application(s). Until you redeploy:

  • Applications deployed ON ALL will not be deployed on a newly added server. 

  • Applications deployed to a removed server, deployed on fewer servers than a new MINIMUM SERVERS value, or that exceed a new LIMIT APPLICATIONS value will not be stopped or undeployed.