Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Validating table mapping

In this release, table mapping is validated only for applications with a single MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server source (DatabaseReader, IncrementalBatchReader, MySQLReader, OracleReader, PostgreSQLReader, or MSSQLReader) and a single MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server DatabaseWriter target.

The JDBC drivers for both source and target must be installed in Striim before the application is deployed (see Installing third-party drivers).

When an application is deployed, Striim will compare the source and target columns and pop up a Validation errors dialog if it finds any of the following:

  • A target table does not exist.

  • The number of columns in a source table exceeds the number of columns in its target.

  • A source data type is incompatible with its target: for example, a VARCHAR2 column is mapped to an integer column.

  • A target data type is not optimal for its source: for example, an INTEGER column is mapped to a text column.

  • The size of a source column exceeds that of its target: for example, a VARCHAR(20) column is mapped to a varchar(10) column.

  • The source column allows nulls but its target does not.

  • A column mapping is incorrect.

For example:


When you see this dialog, you may:

  • Click any of the source or target links to open the component.

  • Click X to close the dialog and fix problems in the source or target DBMS.

  • Click Ignore to run the application as is. This may be appropriate if the issues in the dialog are non-fatal: for example, when you know that there are no nulls in a source column mapped to a target column that does not allow nulls, or you deliberately mapped an INTEGER source column to a text target column.

After you have made corrections, choose Validation Errors from the Created menu and click Validate Again.