Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Oracle Database

Striim supports Oracle 11g, 12c,, 18c, and 19c.

  • RAC is supported in all versions.

  • LogMiner is supported in all versions.

  • XStream Out is supported only for 11g on Linux and requires Oracle patches 6880880 & 21352635.

You may choose either LogMiner or XStream Out as the source for change data.

Features supported by LogMiner but not XStream Out:

Features supported by XStream Out but not LogMiner:

  • continuous reception of change data events (LogMiner receives events in batches as defined by OracleReader's FetchSize property)

  • reading from tables containing unsupported types (XStream Out will read the columns of supported types; LogMiner will not read the table at all)

Striim provides templates for creating applications that read from Oracle and write to various targets. See Creating an application using a template for details.