Striim 3.10.3 documentation

Loading and unloading custom functions

Functions are loaded at the cluster level, so are available for import to any application in any namespace. Imported functions are included as IMPORT statements in exported TQL. The LOAD and UNLOAD commands require the Global.admin role.

Before loading your custom function, copy its .jar file to striim/lib. Whenever Striim is restarted, the function will be loaded automatically.

To load the function using the console, enter LOAD "lib/<file name>.jar";

To import a loaded function in the console or a TQL file, use IMPORT STATIC <package name>.

To load and import a custom function in the web UI, go to the Flow Designer and select Configuration > App Settings > Java Package > Add Another Package, enter IMPORT STATIC <package name> in the Java Package field, and click Save.

To unload a custom function, in the console enter UNLOAD "lib/<file name>.jar";

To stop the function from reloading when Striim is restarted, delete its .jar file from striim/lib.