Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Creating an application in Striim for Snowflake

Before creating an application, you must create a service as described in Getting your free trial of Striim for Snowflake. After completing those steps, you should be looking at the App Wizard page in Striim:

  1. Click the appropriate Lift and Shift wizard for your source database. This will create an application to copy all data from selected tables in your source database to Snowflake.

  2. Enter a name for your application and click Next.

  3. Enter the requested configuration details and credentials for the source database, then click Next. If the connection check is successful, click Next. Otherwise, click Back and fix the errors in the configuration.

  4. Select the schemas you want to move, then click Next. When validation is complete, click Next again.

  5. Select the tables to include, or click Select All. If any tables contain data types incompatible with the target database, they will not be selectable. When done selecting tables, click Next.

  6. The target properties are set automatically. Do not change them. Click Next.

  7. When a check appears next to "Starting your data movement," click Next.

  8. The Application Progress dialog tracks the progress of your lift and shift operation.


    Above you see the status of the source. Select the target in the left column to see the status in Snowflake.


The imported data is now available in the PC_STRIIM_DB database.


To return to Striim for Snowflake, use the login link in the email you received from Striim.

For more information or to request a full version of Striim, click the Drift icon in the lower left corner of the Striim for Snowflake window. If the chatbot can not provide you with the necessary resources, it will connect you with a Striim representative. Alternatively, Contact Striim support.