Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Company details page line chart

If you are in edit mode, click Done to stop editing. Then, in the map, click on the big red dot for Recreational Equipment in California to drill down to the "Company details" page.


The green line represents the average count, red and orange represent the upper and lower bounds, and blue is the count itself. You can see that between 7:00 and 7:30 the count dropped below the lower bound, which means its current status is TOOLOW.

The basic query is select CompanyName, Count, UpperLimit, LowerLimit, HourlyAve, StartTime, City, State, Zip, MerchantId, Status, Category from MerchantActivity. The queries also include where MerchantID=:mid, which limits the results to the company you drilled down on (see Creating links between pages). Data Retention Type is All because we’re plotting the values over time. Group By is blank because we are not grouping the data. Color By is blank because colors are set manually as for the map.


The horizontal axis for all series is is StartTime. The vertical axis uses a different field for each of the four series (Count, UpperLimit, HourlyAve, and LowerLimit). Above, series 1 (Count, the blue line) is selected. The Series Alias defines the label for the legend. To change settings for another series, click its number in the selector at upper right.


Here we see the settings for series 2 (UpperLimit, the red line).

For information on the other visualizations on this page, see Gauge, Icon, and Table.