Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Table of Contents

Getting started with Striim

This section of the documentation provides an introduction to the platform for new and prospective users.

The first step is to install Striim (see Installing Striim for evaluation purposes).

Once you do that, you may take the Hands-on quick tour, explore Striim on your own, or run the following demo and sample applications:

  • The CDC (change data capture) demo apps highlight Striim's initial load and CDC replication capabilities. A Docker container with a PostgreSQL database is provided to try fast, high-volume data loading to another database, Kafka, or file storage. See Running the CDC demo apps.

  • The MeetupMap demo app uses a real-world data source to constantly update a world map with the latest data. See Running the MeetupMap demo app.

  • The PosApp sample application demonstrates how a credit card payment processor might use Striim to generate reports on current transaction activity by merchant and send alerts when transaction counts for a merchant are higher or lower than average for the time of day. This application is explained in great detail, so is useful for developers who want to learn how to write Striim applications.

  • The MultiLogApp sample application demonstrates how Striim could be used to monitor and correlate logs from web and application server logs from the same web application. For developers who want to learn how to write Striim applications, this builds on the concepts covered in PosApp.