Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Using Advanced Setup to filter data based on WAEvent values

The following is a general overview of the process. The details will vary depending on which source and target you use and the columns in the selected table(s).

1. In the App Wizard, click the application type you want to create. For the following, we will use Oracle to File.

2. Enter the properties for the database and click Next.


3. After all checks pass, click Next. If the Striim user has access to many tables, the Read Table Metadata step may take a minute or more.


4. Select one or more tables, then click Next..


5. Click Advanced Setup, then click Add Stream.


6. Click DB Change Data Stream.

7. Click Add Filter, then select the field you want to filter by from the drop-down menu.

8. Set the Operator and Value, then click Save.

10. Add additional filters if desired, then click Next.

If your template's target is not to Striim, continue with Configuring an app template target.

If your template's target is to Striim, your new application will open in the Flow Designer.