Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Running Striim using Docker

The following instructions assume you have already installed Docker (see The Docker evalversion image does not include the sample files.

  1. Enter the following command:

    docker pull striim/evalversion
  2. Once all the pulls are complete, enter:

    docker run -d -p 80:9080 -e "STRIIM_ACCEPT_EULA=Y" striim/evalversion
  3. To verify that the container is running, enter:

    docker ps

    The output should look similar to:

    a7141958a08b  striim/evalversion "/opt/Striim/sbin/..." 2 minutes ago
     Up 2 minutes  1527/tcp,>9080/tcp practical_hoover

    You should now be able to access the web UI at http://localhost:80. Log in as admin with password admin.

To log into the Docker container to configure Striim or run the console, use the following command, replacing <container name> with the container name returned by the docker ps command (in the above example, practical_hoover):

docker exec -it <container name> /bin/bash

To stop Striim enter docker stop <container ID>, using the container ID from the docker ps output. To uninstall, stop Striim, then enter docker rm <container ID>.

Use the evalversion image only for testing and development. To create a production Striim cluster using Docker, contact