Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Configuring an app template source


You must have completed the steps in App template prerequisite checklist or the wizard will not be able to go past this step.

  1. Enter whatever name you wish for this source.

  2. Enter the connection URL, Striim's database user name and password, and the name of the database containing the tables. For Oracle, also select LogMiner or XStreamOut as the log reader. See Incremental Batch Reader, MySQLReader and MariaDBReader propertiesOracle Reader properties, or MS SQL Reader properties for more information.

  3. For an Incremental Batch Reader source, also specify the check column and start position as detailed in Incremental Batch Reader.

  4. If using a Forwarding Agent, set Deploy source on Agent on. (This option appears only when an agent is connected to Striim. For file sources, this option does not appear, but the source components are put in their own flow which can be deployed on the agent.)

  5. Click Next. The wizard will connect to the database to validate the settings. If all the checks pass, click Next.

  6. Select the tables to be read and click Next.

  7. Click Advanced Setup if you wish to map columns to fields or specify multiple output streams based on various criteria. See Using Advanced Setup to filter data based on table valuesUsing Advanced Setup to filter data based on WAEvent values, or Using Advanced Setup to map tables to streams. Otherwise, click Next.

If your template's target is not to Striim, continue with Configuring an app template target.

If your template's target is to Striim, your new application will open in the Flow Designer.