Striim 3.10.2 documentation

MySQL / MariaDB setup

To use MySQLReader or MariaDBReader, an administrator with the necessary privileges must create a user for use by the adapter and assign it the necessary privileges:

CREATE USER 'striim' IDENTIFIED BY '******';
GRANT SELECT ON *.* TO 'striim';
  • The MySQL 8 caching_sha2_password authentication plugin is not supported in this release. The mysql_native_password plugin is required.

  • The REPLICATION privileges must be granted on *.*. This is a limitation of MySQL.

  • You may use any other valid name in place of striim. Note that by default MySQL does not allow remote logins by root.

  • Replace ****** with a secure password.

  • You may narrow the SELECT statement to allow access only to those tables needed by your application. In that case, if other tables are specified in the MySQLReader properties, Striim will return an error that they do not exist.

MySQL binary log setup

MySQLReader reads from the MySQL binary log. If your MySQL server is using replication, the binary log is enabled, otherwise it may be disabled.

For MySQL, the property name for enabling the binary log, its default setting, and how and where you change that setting vary depending on the operating system and your MySQL configuration, so see the documentation for the version of MySQL you are running for instructions.

If the binary log is not enabled, Striim's attempts to read it will fail with errors such as the following:

2016-04-25 19:05:40,377 @ -WARN hz._hzInstance_1_striim351_0423.cached.thread-2 
com.webaction.runtime.Server.startSources ( Failure in Starting 
java.lang.Exception: Problem with the configuration of MySQL
Row logging must be specified.
Binary logging is not enabled.
The server ID must be specified.
Add --binlog-format=ROW to the mysqld command line or add binlog-format=ROW to your 
my.cnf file
Add --bin-log to the mysqld command line or add bin-log to your my.cnf file
Add --server-id=n where n is a positive number to the mysqld command line or add 
server-id=n to your my.cnf file
        at com.webaction.proc.MySQLReader_1_0.checkMySQLConfig( ...
MariaDB binary log setup

See Activating the Binary Log.

MariaDB Galera Cluster setup

The following properties must be set on each server in the cluster:

  • binlog_format=ROW

  • log_bin=ON

  • log_slave_updates=ON

  • Server_id: see server_id

  • wsrep_gtid_mode=ON