Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Understanding namespaces

Namespaces are logical domains within the Striim environment that contain applications, flows, and their components such as sources, streams, and so on. Namespace-level roles and permissions control which users can do what in Striim.

By default, in a new Striim installation, there are two or three namespaces:

  • Global contains system-created objects including system-level roles, default types such as WAEvent and AlertEvent, and the DefaultKafkaProperties property set. Users cannot create objects in this namespace.

  • admin is empty and may be used by administrators for any purpose.

  • If you installed following the instructions in Installing Striim for evaluation purposes, Samples contains sample applications including those discussed in Sample applications for programmers.

When you create a new user account, a personal namespace with the same name is created automatically. The user has admin privileges for that namespace so may create applications and dashboards in it.

It is possible for an application in one namespace to use components in another namespace. See Using namespaces for more information.