Striim 3.10.2 documentation

GG Trail Reader WAEvent fields

The output data type for GG Trail Reader is WAEvent. The elements are:

metadata: a map including:

  • CSN: the Commit Sequence Number for the transaction

  • FileName: name of the trail file from which the operation was read

  • Offset: the position of the operation record in the trail file

  • OperationName: INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE

  • OracleROWID: the Oracle ID for the inserted, updated, or delete row

  • TxnID: transaction ID

  • TimeStamp: timestamp from the CDC log

  • TableName: fully qualified name of the table

To retrieve the values for these elements, use the META function. See Parsing the fields of WAEvent for CDC readers.

data: an array of fields, numbered from 0, containing:

  • for an INSERT or DELETE operation, the values that were inserted or deleted

  • for an UPDATE, the values after the operation was completed

To retrieve the values for these fields, use SELECT ... (DATA[]). See Parsing the fields of WAEvent for CDC readers.

before (for UPDATE operations only): the same format as data, but containing the values as they were prior to the UPDATE operation

dataPresenceBitMap, beforePresenceBitMap, and typeUUID are reserved and should be ignored.