Striim 3.10.2 documentation



A table displays values in a grid. Optionally, it may contain a search box.

Category: If specified, the table will contain only one row for each value of the specified field. If you want to aggregate values, you must do that in the query.

Show Headers: The first row will contain the column's Label string.

Show Lines: Shows or hides the table grid.

Rows per page: the number of rows to display at a time (note that if you add too many rows to fit in the query frame, the bottom rows will be cut off and not display)

Column configuration: Defines the columns in the table. Click Add another to add sets of properties for each column in the table.

  • Label: String to display in the header, if it is enabled.

  • Sort Order: By default, columns appear in the order specified. You may use this property to rearrange them. Columns will appear from left to right in their sort order from low to high.

  • Source Field: Field to provide the values.

  • Icons configuration: Adds icons to rows based on the specified expressions. You could use this, for example, to show a thumbs-up icon for expected values and a thumbs-down icon for out-of-bounds values. The expression syntax is the same as for conditional colors.

See Properties common to multiple visualization types for information on the other settings.