Striim 3.10.2 documentation

Creating the QUIESCEMARKER table for Oracle Reader

To allow Striim to quiesce (see Console commands) an application that uses Oracle Reader, you must create a quiescemarker table in Oracle. (This is not necessary when Reading from a standby.)

The DDL for creating the table is: 

CREATE TABLE QUIESCEMARKER (source varchar2(100), 
  status varchar2(100),
  sequence NUMBER(10),
  inittime timestamp, 
  updatetime timestamp default sysdate, 
  approvedtime timestamp, 
  reason varchar2(100), 
  CONSTRAINT quiesce_marker_pk PRIMARY KEY (source, sequence));

The Oracle user specified in Oracle Reader's Username property must have SELECT, INSERT, and  UPDATE privileges on this table.


QUIESCE is not supported with XStream Out, only with LogMiner.