Striim 3.10.1 documentation

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Configuring a DBMS to host Striim's metadata repository

You may host Striim's metadata repository on Derby, Oracle, or PostgreSQL. By default, Striim uses the integrated, preconfigured Derby instance. To use Oracle or PostgreSQL instead, follow the instructions in this section.


When using the integrated Derby instance in a production environment, we strongly recommend Changing the Derby password.

See also Changing metadata repository connection retry settings.


When Striim is processing very large amounts of data at high velocity, Derby may fail to reclaim the unused space in the metadata repository, resulting in it eventually filling all available disk space and crashing. In this situation, Striim will crash and restart will fail. To work around this issue, we recommend hosting the metadata repository on Oracle or PostgreSQL instead.

As a short-term workaround for Derby, use the following command to compress the metadata repository tables:

striim/bin/ -A compressDb

This uses a lot of Derby resources, so it should be performed when Striim is not busy.