Striim 3.10.1 documentation

BigQuery writer simple application

This simple application reads data from a .csv file from the PosApp sample application and writes it to BigQuery. In this case, BigQuery Writer has an input stream of a user-defined type. The sample code assumes that you have created the following table in BigQuery:

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 5.34.11 PM.png
CREATE SOURCE PosSource USING FileReader (
  wildcard: 'PosDataPreview.csv',
  directory: 'Samples/PosApp/appData',
    positionByEOF:false )
  trimquote:false )
OUTPUT TO PosSource_Stream;
CREATE CQ PosSource_Stream_CQ
INSERT INTO PosSource_TransformedStream
SELECT TO_STRING(data[1]) AS MerchantId,
  TO_DATE(data[4]) AS DateTime,
  TO_DOUBLE(data[7]) AS AuthAmount,
  TO_STRING(data[9]) AS Zip
FROM PosSource_Stream;

CREATE TARGET BigQueryTarget USING BigQueryWriter(
  ServiceAccountKey:"/<path>/<file name>.json",
  Tables: "mydataset.mytable"
INPUT FROM PosSource_TransformedStream;

After running this application, BigQuery, run select * from mydataset.mytable; and you will see the data from the file. Since the default timeout is 90 seconds, it may take that long after the application completes before you see all 1160 records in BigQuery.