Striim 3.10.1 documentation

Web UI permissions

The following permissions control access within the web UI:

  • *:*:apps_ui:*

  • *:*:dashboard_ui:*

  • *:*:monitor_ui:*

  • *:*:sourcepreview_ui:*

The apps_ui permission allows access to the Apps, Flow Designer, and Metadata Manager pages.

You may allow access to other pages by granting one or more of the above permissions to a role. For example, the following would give users with the Samples:dev role access to the Source Preview page:

GRANT ALL ON sourcepreview_ui *.* TO ROLE;

UI permissions must always be granted to *.*. You cannot limit them to a particular namespace or object.

The following would revoke the permission granted in the previous command:

REVOKE ALL ON sourcepreview_ui *.* FROM ROLE;

The Global:admin role provides access to all pages of the web UI. Other users' access is controlled by the Global.uiuser role, which by default allows access to all pages. To change that, modify the role. For example, to restrict the Monitor page to admins:

revoke all on monitor_ui *.* from role Global.uiuser;