Striim 3.10.1 documentation

Adding a server to a cluster in CentOS


All servers in a cluster must run the same version of Striim. You cannot create a multi-server cluster using a trial license.

The following steps require that you have created the first server in the cluster as described above and that it is running.

  1. Verify that the system meets the System requirements.System requirements

  2. Log in to Linux and download striim-node-3.10.1-Linux.rpm.

  3. Install that package:

    sudo rpm -ivh striim-node-3.10.1-Linux.rpm

  4. Copy sks.jks, sksKsy.pwd, and from /opt/striim/conf/ on the first server to /opt/striim/conf/ on the new server.

  5. Assign ownership of the keystore files to Striim:

    sudo chown striim sks.jks
    sudo chown striim sksKey.pwd
  6. If you are using the internal Derby instance to host the metadata repository, edit and specify values for the following, replacing ###.###.#.# with the IP address of the server hosting Derby.


    Be sure to uncomment those properties (remove from the beginning of the line).

  7. If Interfaces is specified in, change its value to an IP address of the current system.

  8. Reboot the system and verify that Striim has restarted automatically.


    • For CentOS 6, enter sudo start striim-node.

    • For CentOS 7, enter:

      sudo systemctl enable striim-node
      sudo systemctl start striim-node

    Then sudo tail -F /opt/striim/logs/striim-node.log and wait for the message  Please go to ... to administer, or use console.

  9. Log in as admin and check the Monitor page to verify that the server has been added to the cluster (see Monitoring using the web UI).

To uninstall:

sudo rpm -e striim-node