Striim 3.10.1 documentation

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Creating links between pages

To create a drill-down link similar to the one that leads from the Main page to the "Company details" page in PosAppDash:

  1. If it does not exist already, create the target page (the page to be linked to).

  2. Switch to the source page (the page with the link), select the visualization that will contain the drill-down link, and click Configure (the cog icon).

  3. Under Drill Down Configuration, check Enabled.

  4. From the Page drop-down, select the target page.

  5. Under Page Filters, click Add Another.

  6. In Source FIeld, select the field you want to use to select the data to be shown in the drill-down. For example, in PosApp, if you wanted to drill down from a map point for more information about a merchant, you would select MerchantId.

  7. In Id, enter an alias to refer to the source field in the drill-down visualization's query. For example, for MerchantId, you might enter mid.

  8. If you need more than one source field for the drill-down visualization's query, add additional page filters.

  9. Save the visualization.

  10. Return to the target page, create a query if it does not exist already, or click the existing query's cog icon.

  11. Enter a SELECT statement using the Id(s) you defined in the source visualization and save the query. For example, to create a line chart of Count by StartTime and a table containing merchant details for the PosApp map drill-down described above, you might use this:

    SELECT CompanyName, Count, StartTime, City, State, Zip FROM 
    Samples.MerchantActivity WHERE MerchantID=:mid ORDER BY StartTime;

     The ORDER BY clause is necessary for the line chart to draw the line correctly.

  12. If one does not already exist, create a visualization in the query, then click Done.

Return to the source page and click whatever is associated with the drill-down. For example, for a line chart or map, click a point. The drill-down visualization should appear, populated with the data defined by the Source Field value for the point you clicked.