Striim 3.10.1 documentation


When a SQL CDC source reads from multiple tables, you may use OUTPUT TO <stream name> MAP (Table:'<table name>') to route events from each table to a different output stream. Striim will create a type for each stream using the column names and data types of the source table. Date and time data types are mapped to DateTime. All other types are mapped to String.

In this release, OUTPUT TO ... MAP is not supported for PostgreSQLReader.

The following takes input from two tables and sends output for each to a separate stream using the MAP function. Note that a regular, unmapped output stream (in this case OrderStream) must also be specified, even if all tables are mapped.

CREATE SOURCE OraSource USING OracleReader (
OUTPUT TO OrderStream,
OUTPUT TO StudentStream MAP (Table:'SCOTT.STUDENT');


MAP is case-sensitive and the names specified must exactly match those specified in the Tables property, except when the source uses an HP NonStop reader, in which case the names specified must match the fully-qualified names of the tables in upper case, unless TrimGuardianNames is True, in which case they must match the full shortened names in upper case.

In some cases, creating a separate source for each table may improve performance over using OUTPUT TO ... MAP.