Striim 3.10.1 documentation

Adding a server to a cluster in Microsoft Windows
  1. Verify that the system meets the System requirements.System requirements

  2. Download and extract it to the desired location.

  3. Start Windows PowerShell as administrator (right-click the Windows Powershell icon and select Run as administrator), change to the striim/conf/windowsService directory, and enter:

    setupWindowsService.ps1 -noderby
  4. Copy sks.jks, sksKsy.pwd, and from striim/conf/ from the first server to striim/conf/ on the new server.

  5. If you are using the internal Derby instance to host the metadata repository, edit and specify values for the following, replacing ###.###.#.# with the IP address of the server hosting Derby.


    Be sure to uncomment those properties (remove from the beginning of the line).

  6. If Interfaces is specified in, change its value to an IP address of the current system.

  7. Optionally, perform additional tasks described in Configuring Striim, such as increasing the maximum amount of memory the server can use.

  8. Start the Striim service manually, or reboot to verify that it starts automatically.

To uninstall the services, stop it, open a command prompt as administrator (the sc delete command does not work in PowerShell), change to the striim\conf\windowsService\yajsw\bat\ directory, and enter the following commands:

sc delete com.webaction.runtime.Server