Striim 3.10.1 documentation

What's new in Striim 3.10.1

The following features are new in Striim 3.10.1.

Cloud services

You can evaluate Striim through a free trial in Snowflake Partner Connect (see Getting your free trial of Striim for Snowflake).

Application development

Sources and targets

  • Writers with table targets will crash when a target table is not found. For Azure Synapse Writer (Azure SQL DWH Writer), BigQuery Writer, HiveWriter, and Snowflake Writer, this can be set as an ignorable exception. For Crashes or the first 100 ignored errors will appear in the UI (see CREATE EXCEPTIONSTORE).

  • Performance when "optimized merge" is enabled has been significantly improved for BigQuery Writer and Snowflake Writer.Snowflake Writer

  • Azure Synapse Writer (Azure SQL DWH Writer) supports Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and AzureVirtual Network (VNet).

  • Cassandra Writer writes to Apache Cassandra and DataStax.

  • Database Reader and Incremental Batch Reader support Oracle 19c.

  • BigQuery Writer uses Google's streaming API.

  • Database Writer supports Oracle 19c.

  • Hive Writer and Hortonworks Hive Writer support Apache Hive version 3.1.2.

  • Kafka Writer can add user-defined message keys.

  • MongoDB Writer writes to documents in MongoDB.

  • Parquet Formatter formats writer output as Apache Parquet.

Change data capture

  • Oracle Reader supports continuous mining and Oracle 19c. Startup is faster when the Tables property includes wildcards.

  • GG Trail Reader can read metadata from GoldenGate trail files (see GG Trail Reader properties).

    You may continue to use the FileReader + GG Trail Parser combination used in previous releases but it will not read metadata. GG Trail Parser will be deprecated in a future release. Please Contact Striim support to plan a transition.

Administration and monitoring

  • A new set of tools support Monitoring end-to-end lag (LEE).

  • The EXPORT APPLICATION ALL console command exports all applications to TQL files in a single operation. EXPORT APPLICATION <application name>,... is an alternative to exporting from the web UI. (See Console commands).

  • When recovery is enabled for an application, Striim creates additional "late" checkpoints when normal checkpoints are delayed significantly past the specified interval. This will in some cases reduce recovery time and has no adverse impact on recovery. (See Recovering applications

  • The SHOW <namespace>.<application name> CHECKPOINT HISTORY displays a list of recovery checkpoints (see Recovering applications).

Installation and configuration