Striim 3.10.1 documentation

Browsing data with ad-hoc queries

Ad-hoc queries let you do free-form queries on WActionStores, caches, or streams in real time by entering select statements in the Tungsten console. The syntax is the same as for queries in TQL applications (see CREATE CQ (query)) .

The following example assumes you performed the steps in Modifying an application using the Flow Designer, including deploying and starting the application.

  1. Open a terminal window and start the Tungsten console. If Striim is installed in /opt, the command is: /opt/Striim/bin/

  2. Log in with username admin and the password you provided when you installed Striim.

  3. At the W (admin) > prompt, enter the following: select * from PosSourceNS.PosSourceData; You should see something like the following:

       MerchantId = Mpc6ZXJBAqw7fOMSSj8Fnlyexx6wsDY7A4E
       DateTime = 2607-11-27T09:22:53.210-08:00
       Amount = 23.33
       Zip = 12228
       City = Albany
       State = NY
       LatVal = 42.6149
       LongVal = -73.9708
       MerchantId = Mpc6ZXJBAqw7fOMSSj8Fnlyexx6wsDY7A4E
       DateTime = 2607-11-27T09:22:53.210-08:00
       Amount = 34.26
       Zip = 23405
       City = Machipongo
       State = VA
       LatVal = 37.4014
       LongVal = -75.9082
  4. Press Enter to exit the query.

  5. If you prefer, you can see the data in a tabular format. To try that, enter: set printformat=row_format;

  6. Press cursor up twice to recall the query, then press Enter to run it again. You should see the following (if necessary, widen the terminal window to format the table correctly):

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.33.20 AM.png

To switch back to the default format:

set printformat=json;

Continue with Creating a dashboard.